Who's Behind This Life Changing Solution?

Shin splints can be such a devastating problem for so many people, and if you’re like me then you’ll know that trying to find a solution that works is daunting!

The Internet is littered with thousands of opinions and scams trying to sell you on the “quick and easy” magic fixes or the one “unconventional” exercise that will free you from all your problems!

The thing is, everyone is different and it can be extremely frustrating to find out that no matter what you do, nothing works! So if your skeptical about whether my solution will work for you, I don’t blame you!

So hopefully I can put your mind at ease…

Hi, my name is Dylan Ormston and www.beatshinsplints.com is my outlet for reaching as many avid sports lovers as possible that are having their confidence, their pride, their LIVES plagued by this devastating condition.

To make a long story short, growing up I was a sporting fanatic playing some type of sport every week whether it was basketball, cricket, golf, tennis, football, mixed-netball… I just loved playing sport!

Until one day after fairly lengthy sport hiatus, I was struck down during a mixed-netball game by intense agonizing pain in my shins and was completely paralyzed in the middle of the court.

And that was just the beginning. From then on, every time I went to exercise the pain would hit me almost immediately. I couldn’t deal with it anymore and gave up sport for over 5 years. It was shattering!

It wasn’t till years later when I was inspired by a deep desire to take up running for fitness. I’d seen people running in the most beautiful tranquil settings and I desperately wanted to be a part of it. But as soon as I turned up the intensity slightly… BAM! That hair-raising pain was back with a vengeance.

It was at this very moment that my mind was set. I was DONE having my life being dictated to me. I wanted my freedom back… I was going to run!

I spent hours every night after work researching new running techniques, diets, pills, stretches, massage techniques, healing methods, running programs… But no matter what I did, the pain always came back.

However, being an undergraduate at University, I was able to leverage off some of the stuff I’d learned in a statistics course that enabled me to tap in to all the studies, experiments and case studies ever done on the subject.

Although it took what felt like an eternity dissecting the information and gathering all the relevant details… And after carefully analyzing all the results and combining it with what I’d learned as a “gym junky” for over a decade…

I finally created an exact 4-step process mixed with one “potent” ingredient that WORKED! “What’s the potent ingredient?” I hear you say. Simple. Persistence and determination.

The most important thing that I learned through this entire journey is that with the right plan in place and the “will to do it” you can be completely pain free and get back to the sports you love in no time! And that’s what this site is all about.

I want to make an impact on your life. I’m sick and tired of seeing people’s lives being controlled by forces that they “think” are out of their control. Shin splints is NOT a permanent condition. In fact it’s so temporary that in less than 30 days it will become a distant memory.

Actually, not that long ago I made a discovery. And that was that for me personally, I get the greatest feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when I am able to successfully help someone and make a difference in their lives. Whether it be a small achievement like teaching them something simple that makes their lives a whole lot easier or a larger achievement just like giving them back their freedom by teaching them how to eliminate shin splints.

And the common factor that I’ve found among all of the people I’ve helped is that the ones that are successful are the ones that open themselves up to new ideas, accept different ways of doing things, and then just decide on what they want and go for it! And this is why I’m so excited to be able to use this site as a platform to help as many people as possible.

Because the fact is… YOU are the one with the power to make a difference. And I’m taking it upon myself to be the one to convince you how easily you can take back control. So rest assured, with my guidance, and your will power we can have you back to your favorite sport before you know it.

To Your Healthy And Happy Future…


Dylan Ormston